Mercedes-Benz V-Class REDLINE Edition
Mercedes V-Class English Version

Mercedes V-Class English Version

Russian tuning studio presented its latest work for the conversion of the minibus Mercedes. This time they got Mercedes Viano (what now calls V-Class).


Inside, Mercedes installed functional thin partition with the sliding window, designed specially for the new Mercedes V-Class. The partition does not violate the possible transformation of the factory interior. You can still use regular car seats.

Comfortable seats Mercedes-Benz W216 electrically installed on the mechanism of compensation of dynamic loads. This is a special mechanism that creates additional comfort not inferior executive class cars. Between the seat-mounted console box with control buttons. For the passenger there is an electric footrest and ottoman in the right seat.

In the minibus there is also multifunctional module with TV 22 installed. Except motorized monitor, there is module with a fridge and two boxes. If desired, the module can be removed, and seat staffing can be install back.

There is interior installed in the cabin and working ceiling lights rear of the passenger compartment with a three-step luminance variation. Extended armrests, illuminated LED lights.

This project developed using the most advanced developments in the field of comfort VIP passengers.

Additional options Mercedes Viano from REDLINE Engineering:

  • Interior heating autonomous.
  • Transferring the control air conditioning system in rear passenger compartment.
  • Additional button to open the sliding door on the racks (2 pieces).
  • There is a device independent fence that filtering the air in the passenger compartment.
  • Converter 12 / 220V with socket 220V.
  • Digital TV DVBT-2.
  • Partition curtains with electric drive.
  • Fabric, double layer curtain with pleats located in the passenger compartment.
  • Noise Isolation salon «VIP».
  • The passenger compartment leather steering wheel of Alcantara.
  • The interior parts finished with veneer.
  • Painting plastic interior parts with matt varnish.
  • Providing high-speed access to the Internet LTE

This proposal fits for Mercedes V-Class.