V-Class REDLINE is a vehicle with unique levels of comfort.

V-Class REDLINE is a "Mobile office" of the highest class, created to your individual requirements. We have been making individual cars for company owners and managers of various levels since 2003.

Functionality and design

The most important point in creating the "Office on the wheels", or, to be correct, a "MOBILE OFFICE", is its functionality.

The design and interior trim accentuate the style and the status of the owner. By assessing the client's individual preferences, we offer the most optimal and comfortable solution.


Our motto is CONVENIENCE AND SECURITY first, DESIGN second.

Base packages for Mercedes V-Class REDLINE

Service Image

Business 1 - 19 250 €

Service Image

Business 2 - 36 400 €

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Business 3 - 64 100 €

Trim options


The quality of Mercedes V-Class trim is our pride!

Specialists who know all features and subtleties of this vehicle will complete orders of any level of complexity.

The materials available for finishing are shown on a separate page.

Mercedes V-Class driver seat

The driver's compartment


Driver is the person who ensures safety of passengers. That's why he has to feel as comfortable as possible.

We have developed a partition that makes it possible to save virtually all adjustment possibilities of the driver's seat. Even tall drivers will feel comfortable.


All works performed at our center are subject to warranty. In the post-warranty period, we provide technical support for our projects.


RED LINE Tel. +74957406848, 2, Karamyshevskaya Embankment, Moscow, Russia