Mercedes-Benz V-Class REDLINE Edition
шумоизоляция Mercedes V-Class

VIP noise insulation

Mercedes V-Class noise insulation is not good enough. V-Class has many large flat surfaces that need to be noise-insulated.

Since we specialize on minivans, we have vast experience in reducing noise in these vehicles.

The procedure on noise insulation works:

  1. Quality and careful disassembly of the interior (including the floor, the ceiling, side covers, door covers and other components)
  2. Vibration and noise insulation of the roof
  3. Vibration and noise insulation of the side panels
  4. Vibration and noise insulation of the doors
  5. Vibration and noise insulation of almost entire floor surface
  6. Noise insulation of the side covers
  7. Noise insulation of the door covers
  8. Noise insulation of some plastic parts
  9. Quality and careful assembly of the passenger compartment
  10. Checking all attachments and operation of the standard systems.

Noise insulation of a V-Class Mercedes takes 7 to 10 working days.

The weight of additional noise insulation material is about 80 kg.

You can also watch a short one-minute video about the way we install V-Class sound insulation.