Mercedes-Benz V-Class REDLINE Edition
Mercedes V-Class VIP 4 person Mercedes V-Class VIP 4 person Mercedes V-Class VIP 4 person Mercedes V-Class VIP 4 person Mercedes V-Class VIP 4 person Mercedes V-Class VIP 4 person Mercedes V-Class VIP 4 person Mercedes V-Class VIP 4 person

Mercedes V-Class VIP 4 person

Mercedes V Class VIP by REDLINE

Meet the new Mercedes V-Class refitment project

As always, the customer's wishes and our knowledge and experience in creating "comfortable offices" have given the desired result. The project uses the latest advances in the field of building "offices on wheels".

The passenger compartment is designed for comfortable and safe traveling of 2+2 persons.

The main passenger mainly travels alone, but he asked to create the possibility to take a couple of companions with him...

The state-of-the-art partition that separates the passenger compartment from the driver is equipped with an electrochromic glass unit, and a large TV. Motorized seats equipped with headrests and 3-point safety belts are integrated into the partition. Design is complemented with a bar. To ensure safety, the driver's workplace keeps the maximum amount of space and seat adjustments. The configuration of Mercedes V-Class dashboard has been slightly changed for the convenience of the driver's right leg.

Motorized seats have been developed with respect to the requirements for security and comfort, and are equipped with headrests and inertia seat belts.

A BMW F01 couch with all comfort functions (electric adjustment, heating, massage) has been installed for the passengers. The couch is mounted on a frame installed on standard rails with preserved ability to move back and forth. The coach has the function of backrest additional inclination.

A folding electrically driven table is integrated into the side panel. If necessary, you can open one or both motorized seats, or use the "ottoman" mode. A bar with electric drive is installed between the front motorized seats.

Other tuning options for Mercedes V-Class V-VIP:

  • Autonomous interior heating
  • Air ducts of the autonomous heating system passing through the partition
  • Transferring control of the rear climate unit in the passenger compartment to the armrest of the rear couch
  • VIP sound insulation of the interior
  • Handles on trusses for the ease of getting up from the couch (2 pcs)
  • Additional buttons for opening the sliding door on the trusses (2 pcs)
  • A hook hanger in the luggage compartment (2 pcs)
  • Fabric double-layered blinds, pleated into the passenger compartment
  • Electrically driven sunroof
  • Armrests on side panels
  • A 32-inch TV on the partition with the lifting and lowering mechanism
  • An additional antenna
  • Laying wires of an autonomous audio system in the passenger compartment with the replacement of speakers
  • An Аlpine head unit in the partition
  • A Duna HD digital media player
  • A Digital TV
  • An additional battery
  • A 12/220 V 300 W inverter
  • Passenger compartment finish with leather and Alcantara
  • Interior parts finish with black lacquer
  • The mat in the passenger compartment according to an individual pattern
  • Painting the ceiling parts the color of Alcantara
  • An 18L compressor refrigerator
  • Automatic air suspension